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Press } Compliments in Ballard News Tribune!!

October 28, 2007

This is so exciting!  Our client, restaurant Austin Cantina, is getting all kinds of newspaper coverage from local restaurant columns and most recently, there were compliments to the décor as well!

Columnists Patricia Devine and Jim Anderson of the Ballard News Tribune (Ballard is the district where the Cantina is located) wrote:

The inviting ambiance of Austin Cantina leaves us feeling welcome, like we’re in someone’s home…Care is taken in the furnishings and service at Austin Cantina.  Small cacti decorate each table, and padded benches make comfortable seating.  Red velvet curtains hung on the walls to break up the sound, further the coziness, and candles in wall sconces add to the warmth.

While I can’t take credit for the cute table cacti (that credit goes to Jennifer, Jefe’s wife), the curtains and sconces are EcoKind concept.  In addition, I consulted on the textile selection for the bench cushions.

It’s exciting that people are feeling like they are at home, as well feeling warmth and coziness in the interiors. These were things that were very important to us, and to the Cantina.

Once we get more detailed images of the Cantina branding, we’ll go into detail and reasoning behind the designs.

Thank you to Patricia and Jim of Ballard News Tribune for the compliments to our work at EcoKind Design!

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