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Portfolio } Sneak Peak at the Austin Cantina

September 14, 2007

Well, the Austin Cantina branding is coming to a close. We have yet to take our final images, as there are a few final touches but we have some sample images of the interiors, thanks to owner Jefe Birkner.

  • The web will be up any day now.
  • The A-board is up on the sidewalk now.
  • Exterior permanent building signage is in the works.

In the meantime, you can keep up on Jefe’s experience as a business owner on his blog.  He is humbly open about it and it’s always an interesting read.

Our images and Full Experience package portfolio samples, including graphics, to come soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Cantina come true!

  • The Cantina Crew
  • My venture partner, Star Morris of RatStar Creative
  • DC Designs, web developers
  • Ingrid Alvarez, Muralist
  • Joann Fabrics
  • Home Depot
  • MinuteMan Press, Aurora
  • Kinkos/Fed Ex, Ballard
  • Neenah Paper
  • St. Vincent de Paul

More extensive final entry for the Cantina project to follow soon!

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