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Socially Responsible Silk!

June 11, 2007

Ive just made acquaintance with a Biznik collegue, Johanna of LotusHaus Design. This gal has the passion for sustainable design that I have too and she’s blogging about it! I haven’t been able to blog nearly as much as I want to, due to school, but that will change soon!

You can even subscribe to J’s blogs, which come a few times a week, and get up to date on the all the fabulous sustainable options we have now in this world. Even local Seattle stuff!

Here is a link to her latest blog post on moth-friendly silk products, Tussah, aka Peace Silk, in which the silk is produced from their cocoons AFTER they hatch from them, as opposed to the more common method of boiling the cocoons while the moths are still in them. I LOVE silk but I have refrained from buying it for years because of the cruelty factor. How would you like to be boiled alive? Maybe moths don’t have emotional content like humans but all the same, I’m up for disposing as little harm to other beings as possible, whatever life form they are.
LotusHaus blog

I’m so excited – Johanna and I are going to meet up next week! Nothing like having another sustainable designer to talk shop with – and you never know what ventures might come out of meeting other designers. Treating each other like family and comrades is important I believe, rather than fearing them as your competitors. We all have something unique and individual to offer the world!

Rock on Johanna!
You can visit her website too at LotusHaus.

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