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Bed, Bath & Beyond Goes Sustainable!

May 10, 2007

I just read this article in Treehugger online magazine! Bed, Bath & Beyond is now carrying bamboo fiber linens! How exciting!

The article reads:
Bamboo fiber has officially entered the mainstream. Bed, Bath and Beyond now offers these sheets made of 100% bamboo fiber with a thread count of 230. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics in the world — softer than cotton but with a drape like silk. It comes from a rapidly renewable resource that doesn’t require pesticides to grow. The sheet sets cost between $39-$99. (article courtesy of Justin Thomas, Treehugger magazine)

For those of you not on their mailing list, BB&B sends out regular coupons for 20% off any single item AND they don’t actually expire, despite the date listed on the coupon. Reminder that BBB takes coupons from their competitors, like Linens n’ Things, and vice versa. 20% off is a great deal. For those who work downtown, with an accumulated coupon stash, you could go in on your lunch hour several times in one week and save a bundle on things for your home. Maybe you have a friend who works downtown? Send them on a lunch hour or post-work errand to BBB with your coupon and give them a coupon too as a thank you for picking up your new bamboo sheets or whatever other neat addition you are looking for.

You can shop BBB online too!

I love that we are becoming a more sustainable community, albeit slowly, but surely! One can now find more alternative products in mainstream environments. Cool beans!

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