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♥ Now doing business as Your Savvy PA ♥

I've undergone a reinvention! I am now doing business as Your Savvy PA, your own secret weapon to a transformed life!

Come visit me at my new site:
My offerings are organizing, move services and lifestyle management.

Thank you for all your love and following for EcoKind Design. It's been a lovely ride!

Feeling Financially Flabby and Struggling? Come get Fit!

March 18, 2015

FF 47If you are stuck in the seemingly endless web of financial struggle, I have a solution for you!  Check out Redmond Financial Fitness group.  We meet Wednesday eves from 8-9pm.  It’s FUN and FREE to join us!

Anyone can enjoy learning to master personal finance using the easy-to-follow principles of the Financial Fitness Program. With a basic understanding of 3 areas: Offense, Defense and Rules of the Game, which are rarely taught together as a whole, anyone can learn to prosper, conserve, and multiply the fruits of their labor!

If you are a CPA looking for CPE credits, you can earn 22 self-study credits.  We are also family-friendly, so if you can’t find child care, bring the kids and something to do for them. We meet in an enclosed room.

All budgeting forms are provided.  The book “Financial Fitness” is available for just $22.00 on site, however it is not required to participate and learn in this extraordinary group of people.  Additional study materials are also available on site to help you get financially fit!


Still alive and ticking…

July 22, 2014


Hope this finds everyone well and thriving…or moving towards that!  I haven’t been posting, as I’ve been working on a lot of personal growth…however, I didn’t want y’all to think I had disappeared!  🙂

What’s new?  Well, I seem to have acquired a girlfriend and a grandkid in one fell swoop!  I actually became a grandma without ever having a kid myself – how cool is that?!  These two are great lights in my life…as well as the addition of the cutest little handicapped cat ever, Merkat.  She is kind of like a mermaid cat, due to the formation of her hind legs and how they wiggle behind her…But don’t feel sorry for her – she’s a happy cat and faster than you would ever think possible from looking at her!

And I thought I was busy before as a single business owner…you’ve heard how us single folks are married to our businesses…Well, when you partner up, you definitely have to make some shifts in how you are spending time – if you want to keep your relationship, this is 😉

They keep me busy…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here we are…motley crew that we are…haha!  That’s me on the right, if you hadn’t guessed already 🙂  Not the most flattering family selfie ever…but it’s us…and I’m happy 🙂


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