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Still alive and ticking…

July 22, 2014


Hope this finds everyone well and thriving…or moving towards that!  I haven’t been posting, as I’ve been working on a lot of personal growth…however, I didn’t want y’all to think I had disappeared!  :)

What’s new?  Well, I seem to have acquired a girlfriend and a grandkid in one fell swoop!  I actually became a grandma without ever having a kid myself – how cool is that?!  These two are great lights in my life…as well as the addition of the cutest little handicapped cat ever, Merkat.  She is kind of like a mermaid cat, due to the formation of her hind legs and how they wiggle behind her…But don’t feel sorry for her – she’s a happy cat and faster than you would ever think possible from looking at her!

And I thought I was busy before as a single business owner…you’ve heard how us single folks are married to our businesses…Well, when you partner up, you definitely have to make some shifts in how you are spending time – if you want to keep your relationship, this is ;)

They keep me busy…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here we are…motley crew that we are…haha!  That’s me on the right, if you hadn’t guessed already :)  Not the most flattering family selfie ever…but it’s us…and I’m happy :)


Movie Launch: Single in Seattle!!

October 14, 2013

It’s finally here…the long anticipated documentary Single in Seattle by local filmmaker Ryon Owenby!Image

A few years ago, I answered a Craig’s List ad request for local business professionals who have singles as a niche clientele – not to be confused with -ahem- “special services” to single folks.  *giggle*  Ryon was on his mission to create a documentary about single life in Seattle…

  • What is it like?  
  • Is it for everyone?  
  • Are some folks meant to stay single?
  • What resources are available for single folks who want to/don’t want to stay single?

We had a great time filming the design process with several single clients and doing voice over for the film.  There are some great stories and some date disasters that may give you a giggle or two.  Several of my professional colleagues are in this film as well.

Fast forward several years and we now have documentary!!

Single in Seattle is not yet screening anywhere but you can have a 7-day rental for just 2.99 or or buy it for just 7.99 on Amazon.  There was so much great material filmed, it was split into 2 volumes!

Organic Cotton Sheets in Review: Magnolia Organics, Simply Organic and Target Home

December 4, 2012

Small13124790114e3ad723e557aLooking for a good set of organic cotton sheets?  I’ve had the honor of reviewing a set from the Magnolia Organics Dream collection over the past year. One year later, they are still my favorite sheets and are holding up very well through all the wash and wear.  No pilling.

I was interested in comparing information with other organic sheets from major retailers so I chose the collections at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I’ve listed several categories and how each brand answers to them.

While Magnolia is currently online ordering only and you don’t have the benefit of seeing the color in person before you buy, I do have to say that I feel their overall mission, level of environmental commitment, and quality of product is superior to either of the major retailer brands.

Do you have organic cotton sheets from Magnolia Organics, Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond, and what do you think?

Dream Collection – Magnolia Organics
$64.99 – $84.99
300 thread count, GOTS certified.

Dyes -
low impact, no harmful chemicals

Colors –
Khaki, chocolate, gold, white, moroccan blue, blue mist, dark grey, sage, french vanilla, blue.

India.  Cotton purchased from small organic farmers in India, and shipped to a certified organic textile mill.

Fair Labor Environment

Environment Care-
Seed to shipping practices for low impact.

Reusable tote bag packaging, entirely recyclable packaging. – easy to locate information.

Very favorable.  Read more…

Simply Organic – Bed Bath and Beyond
$69.99 – $99.99
250 thread count. 100% organic cotton, GOTS-certified.

Dyes -
No information given on dyes.  Could be chemical.

Colors – 
Grey, taupe, natural, green, blue.

Imported.  Doesn’t say where from.

Packaging –
Completely recyclable and non-toxic peva plastic wrapping.

Mixed Reviews- 
Some think they are the best ever – or the worst ever.

Fair labor practice standards

Environment – 
Rather impressive environmental practices, including recycling shrink wrapping from warehouse shipping, though hard to locate on Company website.  Have to swim through the company policy at bottom of website.

Sheets not carried at all locations so call before you travel. You can buy them online as well.

Target organic cotton sheets

Target Home
$27.99 – $53.99
325 thread count.  Organic.

Dyes -
No info given on dyes.  Could be chemical.

Colors –
Blue, light brown, green floral, grey, ivory, purple, purple floral, salsa, red, tan, white.

Made in USA or imported.

Cloth bag that you could re-use or re-purpose.  Recyclable cardboard.

Labor laws-
Nothing about Fair Trade.  They do promote fair working conditions.

As many corporations are doing, they are working on their environmental commitment, including sustainable products.
Information hard to find – have to swim through the company policy at bottom of website.

Mixed Reviews-
Some think they are the best ever – or the worst ever.

100% Organic Cotton Duvet from West Elm on Sale Now!

May 23, 2012

I love love love this 100% organic cotton pin tuck duvet from West Elm.  On sale now from $79.99 – $99.00!  

Comes in 7 colors – my favorite is cream.  It even has the interior ties to keep your comforter from sliding around inside the cover.  

Love it!   And, West Elm now has a local store in Westlake, just west of Whole Foods on Denny.  Go check it out! 

Which is YOUR favorite duvet?

How do you keep your home interiors feeling fresh?

May 16, 2012

ImageKeeping your space feeling fresh is great for inspiration, romance, and general overall feeling good.  I have committed to keeping fresh flowers on my altar to keep my home feeling fresh.  They add a special touch and energy that can only be experienced.

Terra Bella in Greenwood has a large variety of organic flowers that are oh-so-pretty!  

What one thing can you do to keep your home space feeling fresh?  Please share what you do with our readers!

Have a blessed day-


Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow at Simplicity Decor

May 15, 2012

Love this pillow find at Simplicity Decor in Kirkland. A and his staff find the best stuff for their home and gift shoppe on Park Lane.

There are more pillows with other sayings too. Go check them out and tell A I sent you!

Face lift for art through re-use

January 8, 2011

Sometimes the simplest changes make such a difference.  Take that piece of art you are ready to chuck  in order to free up the frame for another piece of art.  Wait!  Is there any part of that art you might re-use?

Give old art a new look
For this client, we simply placed a new piece of egyptian art over the top of the bird art, thereby covering what she didn’t like and adding something she resonated with, without having to purchase anything new!

Think before you chuck
Before you chuck the next piece of art, consider these options:

  1. Lay one piece over another.
  2. Keep the matte board and frame to use with another work.  You can even paint or cover with fabric, the matte board to use in another framing project!

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